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Being the leading provider for data generation, PLANET49 is active in 16 European countries, the Asia- Pacific region and the Americas.

At PLANET49, we have over 1 million opt in Singapore & Malaysia emails, names, addresses and mobile contacts to offer you to reach out to your potential customers. With proven methodology, constant addition of fresh and up to date data, PLANET49 enables you to target potential clients through email and sms marketing.

We guaranteed high performance by constant addition of several hundred thousand fresh data records every month and continuous updating of existing datasets. We also provide transparent evaluation of results and competent consultation to cater to our clients needs.


Strengths of our Email and Phone data:

  1. Address your potential customers directly and effectively
  2. Continuous growth by a minimum of 70,000 new data-sets per month
  3. Targeting and increase of performance through personalization by means of additional information present and profiling
  4. Transparent results evaluation and qualified consulting and support

Why Choose Planet49 as your partner?

  1. Easy selection of potential target group through database criteria as well as additional external information
  2. Market-leading position for volume and quality
  3. Up-to-date database due to high refresh frequency
  4. Reliable Opt-In process, for all available communication channels
  5. Provide tele-marketing source reference

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